• Arbitrated multiple actions involving billing issues between healthcare providers and insurance companies.

  • Presided over Writ proceedings and ex parte involving administrative peer review decisions impacting doctors.

  • Mediated lawsuit between a doctor and the corporation over proper distribution of profits.

  • Mediated dispute over billing procedures involving insurance companies and vendors.

  • Multi‐party lawsuit between medical practice, insurance company, and vendors involving billing, payment, and coverage issues.

  • Mediation of an ambulatory surgical center suing an insurance company over payment and coverage issues contract interpretation questions were at the heart of the litigation.

  • Mediation of a corporation dissolution dispute involving a home care agency, including breach of fiduciary duty, violation of Medicare billing policies, and questions about proper response to a Joint Commission evaluation.

  • Selected to Arbitrate a dispute between the largest California health insurance provider and the owner of several medical clinics over managed care payments for primary care physicians with specialty designations under the Affordable Care Act.