• Appointed Discovery Referee in 7 California Counties and the Federal District Court

  • Acted as Discovery Referee in multiple trade secret cases involving e-discovery

  • Appointed Discovery Referee in several Family Law matters

  • Acted as Discovery Referee in Defamation lawsuit.

  • Acted as Discovery Referee for a case involving a lawsuit filed by the University of California against an out of state accounting corporation alleging actuarial malpractice. Consisted of multiple motions relating to privacy and trade secrets.

  • Acted as Discovery Referee for lawsuit between two large medical corporations. Primary issues were protection of private patient information and proprietary information, and establishing a court approved discovery plan.

  • Appointed by the Court to establish and administer a Discovery plan in malpractice lawsuit involving parties from two states. The Case involved extensive e- discovery issues and privacy issues.

  • Appointed Discovery Referee in a multiple party trade secret litigation. Case involved e-discovery issues in the context of third party privacy rights, confidentiality, and trade secrets.